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BABOR Treatmant Package 6 treatments $570
Pre-purchase 6 treatments for a savings of up to 20%. Choose from a variety of Facials, BABOR SPA, and DOCTOR BABOR treatments listed below. For details visit the spa or contact us by phone.


Skin Solution 50 minutes $105
A solution for everyone and every skin condition. This gentle skin treatment will cleanse, hydrate and maintain youthful skin.

Skin Aktiv Pure 50 minutes $105
Specially designed for oily and acne skin types. This treatment will balance oil secretion and heal break-outs leaving refined pores and an even, calm, clear and radiant complexion.

Skin Performance 50 minutes $120
This innovative and power-packed treatment will protect your cells’ DNA with Alpine stem cells and OsmoTec, a molecular catalyst that delivers active ingredients to the heart of the skin cell for ultimate age prevention results.


Cellular Renewal Therapy 45 minutes $105
A light peel combining glycolic and lactic acid to lift dull dead skin cells and increase cell renewal. This delivers a smoother, brighter, more refined complexion.

Post Surgical Therapy 45 minutes $105
Decrease your healing time after surgery with this therapy. Gentle lymphatic techniques and cooling products will help accelerate the skin’s healing process for ultimate post-surgery results. It is also a great alternative to repair sun trauma.

Cellular Repair Therapy 50 minutes $105
Boosting skin cell regeneration and cell turnover, this effective repair therapy is a must for anyone looking to keep their skin young and wrinkle-free. A beneficial treatment before surgical procedures; it is also recommended to strengthen the skin after a trauma.

Skin Brightening Therapy 50 minutes $110
This age-preventing specialty treatment is a fusion of deep exfoliation, hydrating fluids, relaxing massages and a conditioning mask that focus on brightening and lightening. Utilizing the latest skincare technology, this treatment effectively inhibits the production of melanin and other pigments (dark/age spots) that cause hyperpigmentation.

Anti-Blemish Therapy 50 minutes $110
When the skin’s flora is disrupted, breakouts, bacteria and impurities become present in the skin. This therapy will rebalance the skin, fight impurities and reduce sebum production leaving radiant clear skin.


Aktiv Peeling 45 minutes $105
This full body exfoliation refines the appearance of the skin utilizing super-fine, mineral rich sea salts combined with your desired fragrance infused oil. The skin is left silky and smooth.

Relaxation Massage 50 minutes $110
A gentle light pressure massage to decrease stress levels and eliminate toxins. Using smooth gliding strokes this massage stimulates sensory nerve endings in the skin which causes the brain to release endorphins – creating an overall sense of well-being.


BABOR MEN Vital Aktiv Boosting Facial 60 minutes $120
Cleansing, clarifying and boosting energy will be at the forefront of this facial. Customized to the needs of male skin and their daily rituals, this treatment provides vitality and enhanced energy while soothing irritation from shaving and moisturizing the skin for long-lasting results.

*Must be used within one year of purchase. Can only be used on treatments listed here.
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