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Vital O2 Lux Oxygen Treatment 90 minutes $175
Pure oxygen technology combined with light therapy infuses oxygen and BABOR active ingredients deep into the skin to produce visible, long-term results. A cleansing and deep exfoliation followed by Vital O2 Lux infusion, light therapy, inhalation and nebulization intensively stimulates cell regeneration and instantly reduces minor imperfections such as fine lines, hyperpigmentation, redness and acne. The skin is left ultimately hydrated, healthy and glowing and overall you will feel entirely revitalized.

To be incorporated within selected facial.

Vital O2 Facial Mask
20 minutes $30
Pure oxygen is inhaled while it is also emitted over the surface of the skin to ultimately enhance and allow for deeper penetration of any mask in any facial. The skin is left oxygenated and absolutely radiant.

Vital O2 Nebulization
20 minutes $40
Pure oxygen combined with an antioxidant complex is diffused over the surface of the skin to oxygenate, nourish, tone and protect the skin from free radicals and environmentally-induced aging.

Vital O2 Light Therapy 20 minutes $40
A constant flow of pure oxygen combined with red, blue or green light therapy is emitted over the surface of the skin to target specific skin conditions including minimizing fine lines and wrinkles, purifying acne prone skin or reducing redness and hyperpigmentation.

Vital O2 Aroma Therapy
15 minutes $45
Aging, stress and poor eating habits significantly reduce the flow of oxygen in the body causing a dull complexion and a loss of energy. Inhale pure oxygen combined with the aroma of your choice to improve vascular health, stimulate metabolism and produce energy. After only a few minutes, feel relaxed and revitalized. *May be incorporated into any treatment.

Vital O2 Infusion
30 minutes $75
Pure oxygen molecules along with active ingredients are infused into the deepest layers of the skin where cells renew themselves to produce effective long-term results. Visibly reduce fine lines, while intensively hydrating and strengthening the skin. The complexion is left glowing.
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